Welcome to the Depression Glass Club of Greater Rochester

2014 Meeting Schedule
Several items for this year - the Dues Renewal form, Meeting Schedule and Silent Auction Form.
Here is a quick summary of what is going on for this year:

1. Dues are due by March 31 to remain an active member, and can be paid at the January, February or March meeting or by mail. If dues are not paid by 3/31/14, you will not be considered an active member for the remainder of the year, so please donít wait until the last minute to send them in.

2. The Meeting Schedule is attached with the topics for each meeting. Iím not sure of the date for the June picnic at this point; it will be passed along as soon as we have it available. Always check with one of the club officers or the museum if the weather is bad to see if the meeting has been cancelled.

3. We have created a Show Committee whose members will be charged with determining the feasibility of having a show this year, and to help distribute the responsibilities that go along with actually putting on a show if we proceed. Anyone interested in working on the group can contact Lynn Mantione directly.

4. We are also looking for someone to take over the responsibilities of Club Corner Chairman. If you are interested or want more information about what is involved, please let us know.

5. The Silent Auctions will continue as long as there is interest in them. The form is attached; same rules as last year. Listing an item is free; there will be a $2.00 commission paid on items that sell.

6. We will continue the raffle items at each meeting, and hold a special ď50-50Ē raffle at the picnic. More details will follow.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the officers
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